How to Install and configure CakePHP ..?

CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development framework for PHP . its very easy and very powerfully tool for web application development .

In my experience after learning Cakephp i feel awesome 😀  .i could write easy , structured and secure  php code . 


Before Starting Installation and Configure .we need to understated Basic requirements of Cakephp . i listed following

  1. Apache Server – i choose WamppServer software it include all servers we required (Apache ,mysql) 
  2. Database – you can use MySQL ,sql server, sqllite and PLsql what ever but .i choose MySQL server 
  3. IDE (Netbeans ,Dream Viewer etc)- i choose Netbeans 
  4. Download Cakephp framework  from– here i choose version 2.7.8
  5. Debug_Kit – download from . –DebugKit provides a debugging toolbar and enhanced debugging tools for CakePHP applications.


  1. unzip Downloaded cake php folder then copy to localhost (C:wampwww[here name of your website]). 
  2. Create a database in MySQL 
  3.  go to C:wampwww[here name of your website]appConfig . select file database.php.default. rename to database.php 
  4. Open database.php   edit MySQL username , password and Database name (database which we created before)  here we creating application connection with database 
  5. Add Debug_Kit  in to your cakephp project.- unzip your debug kit downloaded from above link . copy the folder then past in to location  C:wampwww[here name of your website]appPlugin. then rename the folder to DebugKit. step 1 by 1 in following
    1. Download the DebugKit archive.
    2. Unzip that download.
    3. Rename the resulting folder to DebugKit
    4. Then copy this folder into app/Plugin/
    5. Enable plugin   –  need to enable the plugin in your app/Config/bootstrap.php .   copy this code  CakePlugin::load(DebugKit);  in your  bootstrap.php .
    6. Include the toolbar component in your app/Controller/AppController.php  
    7.  class AppController extends Controller {  
      public $components = array('DebugKit.Toolbar');
    8. Set Configure::write(‘debug’, 1); in app/Config/core.php.  
    9. .

       you can write 0 , 1 or 2   
      0: No error messages, errors, or warnings shown. Flash messages redirect.
      1: Errors and warnings shown, model caches refreshed, flash messages halted.
      2: As in 1, but also with full debug messages and SQL output.  
  6. Change the value of ‘Security.cipherSeed’ in APP/Config/core.php to a numeric (digits only) seed value specific to your application. [CORECakeUtilityDebugger.php, line 849] 
  7. Security.cipherSeed is used as a “key” to encrypt/decrypt strings in CakePHP using Security::cipher() function. This function is kept in CakePHP for backward compatibility only.

  8. Change the value of ‘Security.salt’ in APP/Config/core.php to a salt value specific to your application. [C:wampwww[project name]libCORECakeUtilityDebugger.php, line 845]
ex:- 8 and 9 . just edit following two string any number or text
Now time to Run the Application . Run your wampp server and open your internet browser . run the app by entering the url  ex:- localhost/[project name]. if some thing wrong it shows red line like following pic

 if its success show like following pic

Tada ..!  ðŸ™‚

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